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Crystal + Abe

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pretty sure Abe + Crystal are movie material! They should have their own Nicholas Spark movie haha not even exaggerating ( you can see for yourself in theses photos) They love each other so well and they have fun while doing so! It was so fun to capture their relationship on camera! Hope you love these! 



Amanda + Raffy Surprise Engagement

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I had the huge honor and privilege of capturing my best friends engagement last month. I flew up to New York to "spend time" with her and the trip ended with a special surprise. Her sister and now Fiancée organized to have all her friends and family there. She could not believe it! Amanda had to collect a white rose from each of her loved ones until she reached Raffy, who had the last rose. I cried the ENTIRE TIME and it was truly magical! The weather, the atmosphere, the love! it was like a movie! everything played a beautiful part in the most perfect engagement!!! hope you love these!

Bobby + Kenzie's City Engagement

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I can't even begin to tell you how well the scenery represents Kenzie and Bobby! They are so chill and cool and cute and down to earth and loving and all things beautiful!!! I could go on and on. It began to rain 10 minutes into the session and they were both down for an adventure! (my kind of couple) I'm so so excited for their wedding in February! Hope you love these!!! xx


Eben + Rosalie

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I witnessed such a beautiful and selfless bond as I got to spend some time with Eben and Rosalie. At one point, It began to rain and Eben picked up Rosalie and brought her to the car so she wouldn't get wet *I was crying inside* We tried to fight the rain, but we eventually gave in and took shots while it drizzled on them..and it was perfect! Love is just the same.. perfect and messy, beautiful and chaotic! Hope you love these x 

Mariah + Byron Home Session

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When your friends live in the most perfect loft, taking photos is a MUST. I've been dying to shoot in a location like this because it just feels right! It feels real and natural! I had the hardest time choosing which ones to post.. anyone else know what I mean? SO hard. Anywho! I love these people and I love their home! Hope you love it too! 


Bianca + Jason Engagement

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SWOON CITY. I honestly don't know how I get so blessed with the funniest couples. I felt like this session was stand up comedy and I had a free front row seat to it all. It was hard to get the "serious" shots because we were goofing off the entire time! I love realness. I love capturing people in their most raw form. Just know these are real humans in love and it's so beautiful to capture their story.